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    1.1 WTP ( office: ul. Mickiewicza 37/58, 01-325 Warsaw,Poland) central email address: info@wtp-register.com;hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider operates thedatabase.
    1.2 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafterreferred to as GTC) contain the general terms and conditionsfor the use of the prepaid service provided by the ServiceProvider as set out in section 1.5 of these GTC and the rightsand obligations of the contracting parties when using theprepaid service. These GTC apply to the Service Provider aswell as to the customers who conclude a contract with theService Provider for the use of the prepaid service providedby the Service Provider. The legal relationship betweenService Provider and Customer shall not be subject to theCustomer's general terms and conditions or similardocuments, of any Service Provider. The Service Providershall make the GTC available to the Customer in such a waythat allows them to print them.
    1.3 The Customer is the natural person or legal entity whopays the Service Provider the service charge for the accessto the prepaid service in accordance with section 1.5 of theseGTC (hereinafter referred to as the Customer).
    1.4 A database is to be understood as an integrated system ofinformation operated by the Service Provider providinginformation from national, EU and international registers thatis otherwise not accessible to the public. It is available to theCustomer after payment of the Service Fee for access to theprepaid service in accordance with section 1.5 of the GTC.
    1.5 The prepaid service includes access to the fee-basedcontent of the database on the Service Provider's homepagewww.wtp-register.com for a period of 3 years after thepayment of the Service Fee (hereinafter referred to asPrepaid Service).
    1.6 The service fee is the fee payable to the Service Providerfor access to the Prepaid Service that the Customer pays tothe Service Provider in advance in accordance with theService Provider's offer for the time being (hereinafterreferred to as the Service Fee).
    1.7 The GTC shall enter into force upon the conclusion of thecontract through the provision of the Prepaid Servicebetween the Service Provider and the Customer.
    1.8 The Service Provider is entitled to a unilateralamendment of the GTC, provided that it informs theCustomer about it in writing before these amendmentsbecome effective prior to the start of the contract. Theamended provisions of the GTC shall only become part of theagreement if and when the Customer accepts them afterhaving been informed thereof.


    2.1 An agreement can be reached between the ServiceProvider and the Customer on the provision of the PrepaidService if the Customer has paid the Service Fee specifiedin the current offer by the Service.
    2.2 The Customer may withdraw from the contract within 7days after conclusion of the contract for the provision of thePrepaid Service without giving reasons. The effective datefor the contract on the provision of the Prepaid Service startson the day on which the Service Fee is paid.


    3.1 The Service Provider shall render the Prepaid Service forthe Customer against payment of the Service Fee inaccordance with its current offer.
    3.2 The Customer has to pay the Service Fee by banktransfer to the bank account designated by the ServiceProvider. Payments shall be considered as made when therelevant gross amount is credited to the Service Provider'sbank account.


    4.1 The Service Provider uses the contents of the national,EU and international registers for the compilation of thedatabase "as is" and assumes no liability for the accuracyand comprehensiveness of the information contained inthese registers.
    4.2 The Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct orindirect damages, for loss of profits, loss of business, for lossof business opportunities or cessation of businessdevelopment resulting from the access to use or non-usageof eupat-register.com, even if the Service Providers couldhave known of the possibility of such damages or loss.


    5.1 The contract on the provision of the Prepaid Service shallautomatically end upon expiry of the fixed period of one yearand cannot be cancelled by ordinary termination.
    5.2 Each of the parties is entitled to terminate the contract forprovision of the Prepaid Service with immediate effect in thecase of a breach by the other party. Before immediatetermination of the contract for the provision of the PrepaidService, the contracting party is required to give the othercontracting party a reasonable period of time for takingcorrective actions of the defaults which constitute reason forthe termination (as far as they can be remedied). Anycircumstance which makes further cooperation with the othercontracting party unacceptable is considered a valid reasonfor termination.


    6.1 These GTC and the individual contracts are subject toPolish law.
    6.2 The parties shall attempt to settle controversial issuesrelating to these GTC or the contract for the provision of thePrepaid Service through negotiations, initially out of court.Should these negotiations be unsuccessful, the parties mayapply to the Polish court having jurisdiction.


    7.1 The privacy policy of the Service Provider for thehomepage wtp-register.com is available under the linkPrivacy Policy.General Terms and Conditions of WTP.

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